we are valeo vitality - an introduction

we are valeo vitality - an introduction

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Emil; I'm the creator of Valeo Vitality, a wellness community brand focused on self-love, growth and development.

Keep reading to learn more about who we are, our mission, what to expect, and how this wellness brand came to be.

who are we?

Valeo Vitality is a wellness community brand focused on self-love, growth and development, striving to breathe fresh air into the polluted wellness world through authenticity, transparency and accessible, engaging content without sacrificing aesthetics.

As a new face in the world of self-love and wellness, our focus is to provide engaging and valuable content for you to use to help you learn, heal and grow.

our mission:

Our mission is to spread positivity, knowledge, and enlightenment through informative, engaging and accessible tools you can use to help on your self-love and wellness journey.

Growth and development are never-ending. Sometimes we need a little guidance to help us through the seemingly endless array of tools and information ready at our fingertips. At Valeo Vitality, we strive to make content that is helpful, easy to find, digest, and implement to help you actually improve and become the person you have always wanted and strive to be, the best version of yourself.

what's to come:

  • Weekly wellness posts
  • Weekly blog posts
  • Free self-love and development worksheets and workbooks
  • And lots of other interesting stuff


Valeo. Pronunciation, (va, lay oh). Meaning to be well, be strong/powerful/healthy

behind the name:

Valeo is a Latin word meaning being well, strong, powerful, and healthy. The meaning of this word sets the foundation for our brand's core values and ideal takeaways from our content.

why I started this page

I started Valeo Vitality initially to use as a tool, guide and motivation to work on my self-love, mindfulness and overall self-development. Personally, finding guidance or answers in the vast world of wellness information was complicated and overwhelming. We have so much information at our disposal but no idea how to digest it.

At Valeo Vitality, we want to share quality content that provides you with motivation, inspiration, and tools that are actually useful, engaging, and aesthetic. Transparency and authenticity are our core principles. All our content comes from an honest and transparent place. We strive to create quality content you can benefit from for free. No fluff or catch, just the good stuff.

I hope that this page will inspire you to learn, heal, and grow. Join our community so we can all grow together and be a better version of ourselves than who we were yesterday. Make sure to sign up to be the first to hear about the latest content, get early access to future launches and stay in the loop as we grow and develop with you.

We will always have ourselves, so why not try to become the best version of ourselves.

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